Tuesday, February 24, 2009

10 Mommy Confessions

1. If I know with 100% certainty nobody is going to see the girls' socks I tend to let them wear ones that don't match at all.

2. If I'm on the phone with an old friend trying to catch up during normal daytime hours I bribe the girls with cookies. Hey, if there is food in their mouth they can't be yelling for me.

3. I have let the girls over take my sleeping. I can not remember the last time I slept by Anthony all night, not to mention sleep alone in our bed. It is a monster I have created and one that I am not ready to defeat.

4. On most days the girls are dressed better then I am. Pigtails, tights, and dresses for them, running shoes and yoga pants for me.

5. I spend money on professional pictures. Lots of money. None of those pictures are displayed. And I usually like my own pictures better. But I still get them done, just to have.

6. I have been known to say "I'm about ready to sell my kids on e-bay, free shipping."

7. I love my life as a mom but I miss my old self. The one who had as much time as she needed for herself and the one who actually took time to really take care of herself.

8. I do not go shopping without coming home with something for the girls. This is not intentional, just a fact.

9. I feel a big sense of accomplishment when someone compliments me on the behavior of my kids. Lucky for us, they put on a good show in front of people.

10. I don't want my babies to grow up. I am happy with them being little. I laugh everyday with them, I learn everyday with them, and I am challenged everyday by them. I don't want to lose this happiness.

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